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  • Study in Canada is easy

    No more myths: Study in Canada is easy
    Tue, Dec 24, 2019

    No more myths: Study in Canada is easy

    Canada is one of the countries that is considered full of mysteries. From the point of view of overseas education, Canada is one of the most loved countries by the students. According to a report issued by UNESCO, around 181,872 students take admission in the universities of Canada every year. This is just one fact that has amazed you. There are so many other important pieces of information associated with Canada. But you also need to know about some myths about Canada. Your study in Canada Consultants in Delhi will inform you about Canada in more detail.

    Dead and cold

    Because of the unique geographic location of Canada, it is considered as a state where there is no life and no warmth. Canada is a very cold country and the temperature is very less during the winter season but it is not that every inch of Canada is covered with snow only. If you are from a country where sunlight comes frequently, it may be a little difficult for you to adjust in the beginning. But later on, you will get well acquainted with the weather conditions. You also need to note that the maximum temperature in Canada happens to be 45° C.

    Only Toronto and Vancouver

    It is also one of the myths that there are only two popular and urban cities in Canada named Vancouver and Toronto. It is a myth that there are only these two cities where there are good tourist destinations in Canada. There are many other destinations also for the students were planning their higher studies in Canada apart from Vancouver and Toronto. There are other places like Victoria, Detroit, Halifax, etc. All the cities have their specializations. Victoria is famous for the number of gardens that are very beautiful. There are around five different universities in Halifax. There are many other student-friendly cities with very good universities in them.

    Visa is impossible

    People have a firm belief that it is impossible to get the visa of Canada easily. It takes a very difficult task to get the visa approved whether you want to study in Canada or get settled over there. It requires a normal procedure that has many steps in common with many other countries. It also requires documentation procedures. It also needs a statement of purpose without which it is impossible to get your visa approved for any country. One may have to face an interview if the visa officer is not satisfied with your application. So, the procedure is normal and common.

    French is necessary

    This is another common myth that is spread for the universities of Canada. People think that the medium of education in the universities of Canada is only e French. But this is not true. Most of the universities of Canada have the option of studying or taking a degree in the English language also. Therefore it will be completely wrong to say that without French it is not possible to study in the universities of Canada.

    Extremely expensive

    It is also believed that the universities of Canada charge scads of money for providing you the degree courses along with the facilities for accommodation. However, it is not so. Instead of believing anybody's statements, you must always check the website of the university or universities and find out yourself. The best Canada education consultants in Delhi will provide you the detailed information in this direction. Financing education is one of the biggest concerns for most of the medicine and families in the world and it's easily understood by most of the top-rated universities in the world and they have different schemes of discount and scholarship.

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