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Best Canada Study Consultants In Delhi

Benefits of Study in Canada

Benefits of Study in Canada

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Topmost Universities in Canada

Topmost Universities in Canada

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Booming sectors in Australia

Booming sectors in Canada

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Skills Require in Canada

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Topmost Universities in Canada

Earnings in Canada

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Booming sectors in Australia

Procedure for Study in Canada

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Benefits of Study in Canada

Checklist for Canada student visa from India

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Best Canada Education Consultants

Foreign education is charm. Sometimes, it is also associated with the status symbol. Everybody wants to go to a foreign country, either for visiting or for studying. All the parents want their children to go to a good foreign country and get a prestigious degree for making a wonderful career. Canada is one of the most popular destinations for higher studies. If you are also one of the accidents to go for higher studies in Canada, you are in the right place with Glion Overseas. We are one of the most authentic study in Canada consultants in Delhi and we have been working for many years in this field. We have experience of facing all the odds that can come as obstacles in your way of going to Canada.

Choose the right course

The most important thing in pursuing higher studies from any foreign country is to choose the right course. It is very important for your career and for getting the approval of the visa. There are hundreds of courses in different disciplines that you might not have even heard before. You must select the best universities in Canada and then check out the courses that they offer according to your eligibility criteria. Then it would be the right manner to choose the right course for you so that you can also give a right direction to yourself.

Medium of studies

The medium of studies in Canada is mostly English but in some universities and colleges, French is also used. French is one of the very simple foreign languages. You can easily learn it in a span of 7 to 10 months. This may be needed by you if you happen to like a course in a University that teaches in French medium.

Study permit in Canada

Everybody has heard about the visa. A study permit is different from Visa and it is mandatory for a student to obtain to study in Canada. Glion Overseas will help you in all the possible manners to help you obtain it. You will find detailed articles on a study permit in Canada on our website. A study permit in Canada helps in studying at designated learning institutions in Canada. It is far safer to study at these institutions especially if you are an international student. A study permit is meant only for the students. You need a special set of documents for or receiving the study permit. You must apply for it some months ago so that you can receive it at the right time. The aspirants of study in Canada for Indian students can obtain a study permit by accessing student direct stream. This benefit is for the students who live in Vietnam, Senegal, the Philippines, Pakistan, Morocco, India, and China.

Documents required for a study permit

There are some documents that are required for applying for a study permit in Canada. The documents are proof of acceptance, proof of financial support and proof of Identity. In certain cases, some students also need a letter of explanation, custodian declaration for minors, (A good piece of information for you), certificate d'exception du Quebec (CAQ), and some other important documents. The requirements of documents may differ according to universities in Canada for MSs.

Arrival in Canada

You will get to meet a border services officer. The job of this officer is to ask you about your passport and he will also check all the necessary travel documents. Please do not be afraid of him in case he asks you some other important questions. Glion Overseas will give you complete guidance with respect to the documentation required to enter Canada. You must follow it religiously. This officer is going to check all the important documents very minutely.

Designated learning Institutions

The designated learning institutions need a document called a study permit in Canada. These institutions are all the educational institutions that have been approved by territorial or provincial governments. This is specially done for international students. In order to receive the study permit, you need to obtain the acceptance letter to buy one of these designated learning institutions. These institutions put the students at a benefit because they are approved by the government bodies. There are many benefits for study in canada for masters.

Life in Canada

Canada is one of the nations that are highly developed scientifically, ethically, educationally and emotionally. You can plan to settle in Canada very easily. There is a well-settled Indian community and you can get the pleasure of enjoying all the festivals in Canada. The celebration of these festivals will never let you feel alone without your family. If you are settled over here with your family also, you will be able to get a very familiar atmosphere because of the presence of a good population of Indians. Canada offers a good level of diversity. It is very important to know that it is counted in the Top 10 countries in the index of quality of life issued by the United Nations. The rank of Canada is at number 10. It has maintained its position in the top 10 since 2004. Canada has also sometimes scored the first rank in the quality of life index. Apart from offering all these advantages, Canada happens to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You can spot tourists from different parts of the world admiring the scenic beauty of the tourist destinations of Canada. It offers you courses to study in canada after 12th, graduation and after post graduation also.

Student Life in Canada

Student life in Canada is full of sincerity and fun at the same time. The professors of universities are very strict and make you study and do your assignments on time. You are not allowed to bunk classes. You have to maintain a fixed percentage of attendance in every subject. This is a good thing for universities to follow. The universities that are lenient to their students are spoiling their careers. The students also get 20 hours to earn money in a week. Rest of the time they have to devote to their studies.

Universities of Canada

The universities of Canada have scored the top 100 positions out of more than a thousand universities in the world. This is not so easy to achieve. The universities were established many years ago and still, they are capable of achieving good ranks. The parameters on which the universities are ranked are infrastructure, study material, number of international students, laboratories, libraries, maintenance, etc. The universities of Canada are known for maintaining and achieving very good points on all these parameters internationally. The study in Canada requirements are also not so difficult to achieve.