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Global Education Services

Global Education Services

Globalization has impacted the whole world in every field and education is also not untouched by it this has given rise to myriads of education opportunities for the reasons across the world. Now students can get education in any part of the world.

Now Global colleges and universities have opened their doors for Indian students for higher studies. Indian students have great opportunities for study in various countries like UK, USA, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany and Ireland.

Students planning to go abroad for Under Graduate or Post Graduate courses require advice from expert overseas education consultants for identification of right education opportunity in terms of right University and appropriate course and for suggestion of right test required for the course.

The best study abroad consultants like Glion Overseas partners with top global universities and help students getting admission in colleges they want to study in.

Why should you come to Glion Overseas?

Renowned and Trustworthy:

“Trust and Transparency” is the vision statement of Glion Overseas. At Glion Overseas you will get an honest advice and know your case at every step. We keep the case transparent to client and never hide any information. This builds a strong trustworthy relationship. We never hesitate to give you honest advice. We have multiple offices in India. We help thousands of students in getting admission in prestigious colleges and Universities of the world. We win the trust of applicants by our work on by words.

Expert Guidance and Assistance

We provide expert guidance according to the case and we provide you best assistance with our vast experience to shape your career. We analyze your academic documents, work experience and financial status and then suggest you the appropriate country and college or University for your desired course.

Strong network:

We have partnerships with renowned and prestigious colleges and Universities of most of the countries of the world. We do have excellent relations with High Commissions, Embassies and other educational bodies which are helpful in providing high quality service.

As part of Education Services we offer a one-stop solution for a student's complete education needs:

• Career pathway planning

• Preparation and filing for Visa application

• Help with Interviews

• Help with accommodation

• Country/University/Course selection

• Provide scholarship opportunities

• Provide contacts of Loan lenders

• Test Preparation for SAT, GMAT and GRE

• English language training and examination: TOEFL, IELTS and PTE

• Pre-departure briefing.

• Post-arrival support.