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why study abroad in UK

Benefits of Study in UK

The United Kingdom acquires a power in making available teaching and a position of supremacy...

best universities in UK

Top Universities in UK

The Russell Group, which is an association of 24 Universities, is forced to care for the best research...

Booming sectors in uk

Booming sectors in UK

Above all, the information concentrated industries such as Interactions, Digital and Information...


Require Skill

The basic matters facing the residential globe are their proficiency scarcity as an effect of regional...

Expanses  for Studying in uk

Expanses for Studying in UK

If you decide to study in UK, it befalls significant that you identify regarding the charge of higher ...

Procedure  to Study in uk

Scholarships to Study in UK

Applicants bearing in mind UK are optional to start the application process 8-12 months earlier to the intake...

Procedure  to Study in uk

Procedure to Study in UK

In the direction of gain knowledge about the admission process in UK as well as obtain the best...

Checklist  for UK  from India

Checklist for UK visa from India

The list of documents required for UK is given...

Pre require test for Studying in UK

Prior Exams for Studying in UK

Undergraduates have to qualify one or extra supplementary exams earlier than they may be considered...


Study in UK consultants in Delhi

The United Kingdom is one of the world leaders in many areas as a nation. It is ahead of many countries in the field of education also including law and Finance, Business and Management, art and design, science, engineering, etc. There are many factors because of which it attracts students from all over the world. It is treated as a world center and enjoys a high reputation. It is admirable to know that the population of the United Kingdom as compared to the world is only 1%but it has around 8% of scientific publications that are known globally.

Education system

The United Kingdom has the potential to offer a world-class education system. Your decision to one of the degrees from the universities of the United Kingdom is going to bring altogether new differences to you. More than 6 lacs of students from different parts of the world come and take admission to the United Kingdom. The courses range from graduation to Ph.D. The scope of the English language course is also equal as compared to the other courses. The unique education system of the United Kingdom provides an opportunity for the students to combine the subjects and courses that are from different areas of study. The best study in UK consultants will tell you all these important points during the counseling session itself. This is how the degrees offered by the universities in the United Kingdom are tailor-made. Isn't that awesome!

Advantages of studying in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers various good reasons to study. The ranks of the universities of the United Kingdom are appreciable. Many universities fall in the top 5% of the world. The scientific research in the United Kingdom accounts for 5%of the world. Around 14%of the world's published papers are from the Scholars of the universities of the UK. The students can attain vocational and academic degrees at the same time. The teaching methodology is creative. The world's top renowned faculty members visit the universities regularly. We at Glion overseas will help you choose the best university according to your choice of course. There are many benefits to study in UK for Indian students also because it is said that every 7th person in the United Kingdom is an Indian.

Courses offered

The courses offered by the universities of the UK in the fields of accounting, Aerospace, engineering, agriculture, Forestry and food, American studies, archaeology, anthropology, Anatomy, and Physiology, etc. The courses offered are in the form of graduation, post-graduation, and Ph.D. There are also a variety of Vocational courses. There will be seminars and workshops at Glion overseas that will help you understand which course is necessary for you.

UK visa and statement of purpose

A visa document that is given by the government of any country to a foreigner formatting him to stay in their country for a particular period with the purpose clearly defined. When students apply for a student visa, they need to write a document called a statement of purpose. In this, the student connects the specialization of the graduation from the domestic country with the specialization of the post-graduation. If it looks fair and honest then only e the visa officer approves the visa. You may be called for a personal interview also in case the visa officer needs to meet you. We have trained faculty members to take your mock interviews. Glion Overseas has the record of sending the students with very good quality of the statement of purpose. If you would also love to study in the United Kingdom, please contact us. We are a reliable UK Visa consultant in Delhi.

UK visa process

The United Kingdom offers a tier 4 student visa under the general category. The general category refers to the students who want to pursue their higher studies and not primary or Secondary Education. There is a short term study visa also for the courses ranging from 6 months to 11 months. You will find the reference articles for detailed steps to apply for the visa on the website of Glion overseas. If you have any queries, you are most welcome to call us and get rid of them. We are a renowned UK study Visa consultants in Delhi.

Life in the UK

The society of the United Kingdom is going to give you a very sophisticated feeling. There are people from different countries of the world and it is known for the contemporary way of thinking. They follow their tradition and identity strongly. The best UK education consultants in Delhi will suggest one of the universities of the UK to you and will help you apply in it at every step.

Application and scholarship guidance

We at Glion overseas help our students in applying to foreign universities. It is not an easy task 2 who applied to the foreign university and the students need help for the first time at least. Students are given complete health and one of our staff or faculty members will sit with the student to help him fill the application form to the university. Similar is the help given in applying the scholarship test also. There are many formalities that are to be done while applying for scholarship or application. You need to know about different kinds of documents, the way the documents are needed, etc. We are with you at every step. You do not require worrying at all.

Scholarship programs

There are various kinds of scholarship to study in the UK for Indian students. The scholarship programs are offered by the universities, the government entities or institutions, private entities, etc. It is not necessary that only the university where you want to study will of a scholarship to you. You can take the help of other entities also to study at the University of your choice.

Events and seminars

We organize different events and seminars for you to develop a better understanding of carrying yourself in foreign countries and understand the procedure of going abroad. The seminars media organized by the outsiders or the in house faculty members. We can also call our delegates from different parts of India who have different types of specializations. Almost every aspect of foreign education is covered in these workshops and seminars including study in UK requirementsin detail.