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  • SOP help by Overseas Consultancy in Delhi

    SOP help by Overseas Consultancy in Delhi - Glion Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi
    Fri, Jul 19, 2019

    SOP help by Overseas Consultancy in Delhi

    It is very necessary to write the good quality of the statement of purpose. Without writing a good statement of purpose, the visa application often gets rejected and the students are disheartened. You need to write the statement of purpose with lots of care. We at Gilon Overseas, have been working as an overseas  education consultant in Delhi and we will give you guidance and tips with respect to the statement of purpose. Kindly choose us as your consultant so that the things go well and you fulfill your purpose.


    We will first of all provide you a list of questions. These questions will ask about all important details of yours. It can include the academic questions in general, it will talk about the important personal events in your life that have shaped your personality, it will trigger you to think about yourself, it will have certain questions that will try to connect the relationship between your graduation and post graduation specialization, etc. This is a self diagnosis process. This will help you to understand yourselves better and write a genuine statement of purpose.

    Helping you elaborate

    The questions designed in the questionnaire may looks similar to you as a student. It is so because you are not able to understand the in-depth requirement of it. All the questions are different and they must be answered differently and genuinely. For this purpose, do not merely answer the questions. If you are not able to understand, kindly ask and we at Gilon Overseas will help you answer these questions by telling you the importance and difference of these questions, because writing an SOP is a very crucial task.

    Framing of events

    You must be capable of framing the events properly in a logical sequence. It should look systematic and the reader must be convinced about your honesty. It should not be made artificially. There must be expression of reality e because there are psychologists also sitting at the universities behind the bench of interview. These days, the universities have also started to use the services of the psychologist to understand the personality of the student better. If they do not have psychologists, they have their professors trained in psychology to the level of understanding the truth behind your language. Gilon Overseas tries its best to train you on this aspect too.

    Connecting the dots

    It is very important to recognize that there are many events in our lives that have very important subconscious effect on us. We need to understand them better because these subconscious events design our complete life by making us take some important decisions. These events can take place in our teenage or childhood or college life. These have direct impact on the decisions related to our career. The most common example is the students of getting influenced with their friends and chooses the subject that their friends are choosing. This is not the right approach. It is not we but our students who call Gilon Overseas to be the best overseas education consultants as we will guide you to take the right decision.