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  • The organized system of education in Ireland

    The organized system of education in Ireland
    Fri, Dec 20, 2019

    The organized system of education in Ireland

    The education system of Ireland has schools that are primary and secondary. Ireland also called high schools. The Third Level education system in Ireland is of colleges and Universities. When the students who are studying in Ireland reach the Third Level in the colleges or universities, receive off they receive a degree of Bachelors for 3 years. Then take a master's degree after completing their graduation or bachelor's degree. The courses in a master's degree are of one year or two years. You can consult Ireland education consultants in Delhi whether you want to pursue your higher education in Ireland with a bachelor's degree or master's degree. The universities in Ireland also offer doctorate degrees in different areas of specialization. Some institutions also offer short term courses of the diploma or certificate courses. The system of education is pretty near to that of the Indian system of education.

    Higher studies for foreign students

    The gates to study in Ireland are open for international students from all over the world to study at any of the universities or institutions that offer Third Level education. Students can take admission in primary or secondary Schools also if they are getting shifted or transferred with their families because of job postings or any other valid reason. There is no discrimination or preference is given to the students of any country and all the students are treated equally by the society of Ireland and staff members of the university.

    Universities in Ireland

    There are only 9 universities in Ireland, to universities in Northern Ireland and 7 universities in the Republic of Ireland. Audio universities offer different kinds of programs for graduation, post-graduation, and doctorate programs. These universities also offer research facilities for a wide range of disciplines and the universities of Ireland are respectively by the major ranking agencies of the world.

    Institutes of Technology

    There are around 14 Institutes of Technology that offer different programs to pursue degree programs, National certification, and National Diploma levels. They offer a wide variety of disciplines in the field of science and engineering. These institutes receive the certification of validation by the National certification authority of Ireland. This certification makes sure that the education provided in the Institutions of Ireland is of the best standards at the international level. Some of the important Institutes of Technology also offers degree programs and post-graduation and some diploma courses. This institution also have very good facilities for research.

    Independent Third Level colleges

    Apart from Universities and institutions, there are independent Third Level colleges and colleges of education also in Ireland. Colleges of education are five in number for providing education to primary school teachers. If you are planning a career in the field of education to the students studying in primary schools, this could be one of the best ways to get yourself taught. The independent Third Level colleges provide diploma, certificate and degree programs. The areas of specialization of these programs are art, tourism studies, catering and hotel, humanities, law, business studies, and accountancy. All these colleges are recognized by the National certification authority. Alternatively, these colleges are also recognized by the universities or some other institutions. You only need to get the Ireland student visa and arrange for the funds.

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