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  • List of Top 5 Courses in Canada after 12th - Study in Canada

    List of Top 5 Courses in Canada after 12th - Study in Canada
    Mon, Nov 23, 2020

    Top 5 Courses to Choose in Canada

    Canada is considered a developed country and it has a great image in the world. It offers various opportunities to live life and to pursue a high-quality education. Millions of students from all over the world go to Canada to study and get settled. It was a wonderful quality of life. If you are an Indian and looking to get settled in Canada, you can have the community of Indians also in Canada where you can enjoy during all the festivals and do not miss your country and its traditions. Canada Education Consultants in Delhi has found out the top courses that you can study in Canada and get satisfying jobs.

    1.    Management

    2.    Computer science and it

    3.    Core engineering

    4.    Business and Finance

    5.    Agriculture


    The well-known degree for gaining expertise in the field of management is BBA, Bachelor of Business Administration. It is one of the top courses to be studied in Canada and in fact in many other countries. The quality of the BBA program is decided by the practical exposure given to the students with the help of the assignments and presentations. The more number of case studies you are given to solve, the higher would be the chances of your getting placed with a good company. If you are really ambitious, you must take admission in the University of Canada that load you with a number of assignments so that you can grow in real sense.

    Computer science and IT

    Computer science is a booming industry and the universities of Canada have made great arrangements to provide you with wonderful training both in graduation and post-graduation programs in computer science and information technology. You can also make your career in the following areas:

    1.     Database analysis and data administration

    2.     Information Systems analysis

    3.     Software engineering and designing

    4.     Computer programming and interactive media development

    5.     Web designing and development

    6.     Cyber security

    Core engineering

    The field of core engineering and Technology has always been driven by the candidates. Canada offers one of the best markets for jobs for the core engineers. There are companies in Canada that are known for a strong base of manufacturing. The professionals who have studied skills like CATIA, AUTOCAD or other important software, they are completely going to be in profit. You must know the salary of an engineering graduate in Canada, it happens to be more than $80,000 and the least one can make in Canada happens to be $50,000 while working as an engineer.

    Business and Finance

    Business and Finance is one more field that offers a great career in Canada. Finance is one of the backbone industries of any country. If you have good command over financial markets, you have the crucial knowledge of the economy and you can contribute to the fiscal decisions. If you are working in a company, you can take the right decisions according to the fiscal policy and bring the company into a profitable position. The common fields of Finance are:

    1.     Asset Management

    2.     Investment management

    3.     Broking

    4.     Banking

    5.     Accounting

    6.     Insurance


    It looks surprising but it is true that agricultural science and forestry in Canada offer huge scope. There are various challenges like the security of food items, global warming, and climate change. If agricultural science is explored, the solutions can be found in the above-mentioned problems. Your Canada Education consultants will help you with more details on the courses offered by Canadian Universities and the best for you.

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