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  • Important questions during visa approval with their answers

    Important questions during visa approval with their answers - Glion Overseas Education Consultant
    Sat, Jul 27, 2019

    Important questions during visa approval with their answers


    When you apply for travel visa to the United Kingdom, you may be called for an interview by a senior officer. The senior officer is at the British Deputy High Commission. It is very necessary to answer these questions correctly. We are Foreign education consultants in Delhi and we have the expertise in training of students in answer these questions so that they become successful in getting the travel visa approved. Without sanction of travel visa, it is not possible for anyone to travel abroad for any purpose. There is a document called as statement of purpose. This has to be written very correctly so that the travel visa approval takes place. Let us see some important questions and the trick to answer them.


    Why do you want to study in the United?


    Please note that you need to be very well prepared for the answer of this question. The interviewer is not only going to grill your mind on the reasons for studying in the UK but he will also ask you the reasons behind not studying in India or any other country. You need to be prepared with the positive points in the UK as well as the negative points or less important points in any other country. The reasons must be absolutely authentic and they should sound real.


    What is the reason behind choosing a particular university or a college?


    This is the second most important question that would be asked by you for sure. There is no limit to the questions. He can ask you as many questions as he wants and when he will be satisfied with your answers; then only he will approve your travel visa. You need to be perfectly sure about choosing the University or the college. You must be ready with the reasons like affordability, desired courses offered, quality of education, rank of the university, atmosphere of the university, academic performance of the university, scope that is set by the University, etc.


    Where is a college or university located?


    This question seems very simple but the interviewer may ask this question in order to check your presence of mind or common sense. You must be capable of spelling how to reach the university or college from the airport where you are planning to take admission. Glion Overseas also gives you some important tips in the seminar conducted before you actually go abroad. Ours is a very old overseas consultancy in Delhi.


    How did you find about the University or the college?

    You must be genuine and loyal while answering this question. Simply tell them the truth. You either might have got to know about the university with the help of some friends or relatives abroad, some online advertisement of the university, search on Google while searching for the Universities that offer the course that you desire, from an abroad education consultants in Delhi, or whatever where you got to know about the university; please tell it very honestly.

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