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  • How to convince your parents to let you go abroad?

    How to convince your parents to let you go abroad - Glion Overseas Education Consultant
    Mon, Jul 29, 2019

    How to convince your parents to let you go abroad?


    Almost every week we get one student who you are very conservative. They are not open to sending their children abroad because of cultural issues. They fear that their children will lose their moral education and they may be influenced by some immoral factors. We are talking especially about mothers who are and over-possessive about their children. It could be definitely right to an extent but not an all the cases and not every time. There are countries with different cultural values in the world. When the students bring their parents to us, we try to convince them and most often we do get succeeded. Therefore we are considered as the best overseas education consultants in Delhi. Sometimes the parents may not be ready to visit the office of the education consultant. Therefore we at Glion Overseas are writing about the ways to convince your parents to permit you to go abroad happily.


    International exposure 


    Please tell your parents that you will be able to get a wonderful International exposure if you are going to a foreign university to get your higher education. You will be able to need to the professors and Research Scholars who have achieved great degrees and certificates in their lives and they are arranged to give seminars and lectures by the top universities in the world. You will be getting opportunities to interact with such intelligent people and it is a common thing to stay in touch with your teachers and professors these days. This is how you will be able to establish a very intelligent network throughout the world because the top foreign universities invite the best professors in the world. It will be a wonderful opportunity for you as a student.


    Friends from International background


    You need to talk to your parents about the background of your friends. Your parents are often concerned about the kind of friends that you make and therefore they can be convinced on the ground that you are going to befriend with the best of the students in the world. If you have chosen one of the top 50 or 100 universities, the selection criteria of the university will also be very difficult and it is not so easy to get selected over there. Therefore if you are an intelligent student and you crack the admission by putting a lot of efforts, it means that the students from other foreign countries are also highly intelligent and therefore they are getting selected. You need to explain this to your parents very well, if you are not able to you may please bring them to us at Glion Overseas.


    Quality of education


    This is the most important factor that a student can inform his parents to convince them. There are many examples in the world where there are talented people under 15 years of age from many countries in the world. India is no exception. There are many talented children under 15 years of age in India also but if you look at the numbers, the numbers are more outside. It proves that the quality of education and the depth of studies are somewhere better as compared to the Indian universities. You can show them the facts and figures easily available with us at Glion Overseas. Therefore when you choose the study abroad consultants in Delhi, please consider us first.

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