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  • Advantages and Specialties of Universities of New Zealand

    Advantages and Specialties of Universities of New Zealand
    Fri, Dec 27, 2019

    Advantages and Specialties of Universities of New Zealand

    The universities of New Zealand are considered very special and they are capable of providing wonderful education to the students coming from all over the world. It has taught many students till now and the students are performing very well in different walks of life along with academics. It is all about the Universities and their faculty members who have given their valuable time and effort to take the university to Heights in the world. New Zealand education consultants in Delhi will inform you more about the universities of New Zealand and their achievements.

    500 million dollars

    The universities of New Zealand generate more than 500 million dollars every year with the help of their research projects only. They try to commercialize their research projects. The studies made by them are so deep and logical that people are willing to pay for them. The professors of the universities have the tendency to share their knowledge with the help of the publications and collaborations of research. They are also open to developing partnership relations with startups and the businesses that are already established to commercialize the services and products that the design.

    Contribution to GDP

    The universities of New Zealand have got a direct influence on increasing the GDP of the country. It is capable of increasing the GDP by 3%. It is all because of the great impact the University education has on the production of revenue. This is such a big deal that the universities are capable of increasing the Gross Domestic Product because it is one of the very important representations of the financial condition of the country.

    Positive effect on workplace

    When the students take admission to the universities of New Zealand, they get converted into a skilled workforce. Besides being skilled, they are also capable of creating a very optimistic effect on the places where they are working. According to international research, when there will be a number of graduates in the economy, it is capable of creating new jobs, increase the wages of the workers and make the productivity of the workforce better.

    Doctoral graduates

    The doctoral students of Maori culture are increasing. There has been a considerable increase in doctoral graduates since the year 2008 and the percentage of increase is 21. The doctoral graduates of Maori culture are capable of earning more than the graduates of non-Maori culture.

    Top 500 universities

    New Zealand is a small country and there are only 8 universities in New Zealand. All the universities have managed to be at the rank above 500 all over the world. Please note that there are more than 1000 universities in the world and out of them only 8 universities are capable of maintaining their positions in the top 500. It is really a big deal and a great achievement by the universities. As far as the percentage of the universities in the top is concerned, it happens to be in the top 3% of the universities. This is so because there are many benefits to study in New Zealand for Indian students and for all the students.

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